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ICON Hyperconnect P-Rep is a leading Public Representative and Block Producer for the ICON Network.

As industry experts in Seoul with an extensive history of collaboration with the ICON Council and team members, we previously led research at ICON’s first venture capital firm and accelerator.

We look to continue accelerating ICON via several initiatives. Stake and vote for ICON Hyperconnect to securely receive rewards while contributing to ICON’s growth.

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Our 3 Key Acceleration Areas:

The ICON Network

We will actively push for business development both in Korea and abroad to expand ICON’s network and undertake research and education initiatives to grow the ICON community.


We will leverage our past experience of working extensively with ICON’s CTO to build ICON’s developer base through initiatives such as the ICON Hyperhack and other education initiatives.

Application Infrastructure

We will identify improvements and potential additions to ICON’s applications. The ICON Hyperhack will then allow us to facilitate the creation of ICON applications at scale.

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